EXP launches Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Committee

August 25, 2020

EXP professionals have come together to demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to EXP’s vision and values with a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE+I) committee. The committee aims to examine opportunities to further these areas within EXP and create a stronger community of professionals.

With recent global events highlighting racial inequality and unfair treatment of individuals across communities, EXP leadership and employees reflected on, “What can we do to further promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment?” To answer this, vice president of human resources, Sarah Skinner, led the efforts to establish a forum where diverse perspectives, voices and ideas come together to promote positive change within EXP. She shared, “This committee is the product of EXP’s investment in progress. We have taken important strides forward in the last five years, but we know our work is not done. With the newly formed DE+I committee, we have a great opportunity to look inward to identify gaps and make meaningful changes. This team will help drive the progression of one of EXP’s core values, diversity.”

Employees from across the organization answered the call to action and 15 employees were selected to join the committee. These members will serve as advocates and resources for DE+I initiatives for EXP’s 3,500+ employees and 90+ offices.

EXP is pleased to announce the following employees who have been selected to participate on this committee. Each member will work to improve how EXP operates and contribute to strengthening the long-standing relationships we have with clients and our ability to serve communities.

  • Aisha Naseem – Executive Assistant | Chicago, IL
  • Alvine Stallworth – Office Manager | Tallahassee, FL
  • Andrew Bonds – Consultant | Washington, DC
  • Anh Case – Vice President, Director of Construction Management | San Bernardino, CA
  • Brett Beetham I Senior Manager, Human Resources | Chicago, IL
  • Christina Cruz – Director, Regional Marketing | Toronto, ON
  • Dave Carroll – Structural Group Manager | St. Louis, MO
  • Geneviève Beaudoin-Lebeuf – Sustainability Development | Montreal, QC
  • Komi Hassan – Senior Program Manager | Houston, TX
  • Melodie Tang – Geotechnical Engineer / Project Manager | Calgary, AB
  • Morgan J Lanigan – Practice Manager, Buildings + Industry | Saint John, NB
  • Nadia Abou – Communications Manager, US | Chicago, IL
  • Simon Houle – Directeur, Infrastructure | Sherbrooke, QC

We welcome the selected team members to EXP’s DE+I committee and look forward to their important contributions!



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