EXP joins Cemvita Factory and energy leaders in Gold Hydrogen Program

March 22, 2022

EXP joins Cemvita Factory, a global innovator in the application of synthenic biology to reverse climate change, and a coalition of energy organizations, in the recently launched Gold Hydrogen Program. The Gold Hydrogen Program, involving Cemvita, EXP, Chart Industries, Inc and The Center for Houston’s Future and a growing number of partners, meets global greener demands with the clean, scalable and efficient extraction of gold hydrogen.

“EXP is proud to join this innovation program alongside prominent energy leaders and visionaries,” said EXP’s Business Development Director, Energy Services L.J. Guillotte. “With a dramatic increase in cleaner energy requirements across industries, we continually examine innovative opportunities to help our clients improve their operations, infrastructure and impact. The Gold Hydrogen Program illustrates a transformative method to achieve cleaner energy for the oil, gas and chemicals industries. We’re excited to work with our partners and help pave the way for cleaner energy solutions.”

The program involves subsurface biomanufacturing techniques, led by Cemvita. CEO of Cemvita Factory, Moji Karimi shared, “The coalition brings together a team of experts to develop, test and commercialize the production of gold hydrogen. Through collaboration and an extraction technique utilizing cutting-edge microbiology, a potential exists to revitalize and remediate depleted, abandoned oil and gas reservoirs and create new revenue streams and clean energy solutions.”

To learn more about EXP’s involvement with the Gold Hydrogen Program, contact L.J. Guillotte and learn more about the Gold Hydrogen Program here.

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