EXP joins BuildingGreen to keep the momentum going

February 13, 2020

We have our sights set on paving a more sustainable future for buildings and infrastructure. Across the industries we work in, including engineering, architecture and design, sustainable practices become more mainstream for operational success. To continue to play a leading role in delivering innovative solutions, we know we can accomplish much more through the strength of our networks than we can alone, especially in designing buildings with future in mind.

To accomplish this task, EXP experts across North America continue to seek and join sustainability networks and attend learning sessions to expand their knowledgebase in design, construction, performance and operational success for a resilient future. EXP experts in Orlando recently joined BuildingGreen, a trusted and leading organization supporting engineering, architects and design professionals in making projects greener and healthier. As members of the group, director of commissioning + sustainability, Amy Pastor, with insight from EXP’s sustainability committee, will lend a voice to peer networking groups for sustainability leaders and gain a stronger understanding of how to nurture high-performance, resilient and innovative buildings.

Amy shared, “EXP is excited to join the BuildingGreen community of experts and share how we are working towards a better future. It’s very important to look at sustainability collectively and share our knowledge in building design, reduction and maintenance of resources and the importance of minimizing negative impacts on the natural environment, economy and the well-being of our communities. Planning ahead, peer networking groups bring-forth solutions for long-lasting impacts that we may not have thought of independently. We’re excited for what’s to come and we’re excited to do this with our peers, industry professionals and communities.”

Along with BuildingGreen, EXP sustainability experts are also active members of USGBC and global sustainability communities and continue to look for opportunities to learn more to prepare for the future.

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