EXP celebrates another year with the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development Internship Program

August 3, 2022

Since 2006, EXP has partnered with the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development to mentor recent architectural and engineering graduates from Kuwait. The Kuwait Fund provides financing and partnerships that enable interns to work abroad and further the country’s international development efforts. Each fall and spring semester, EXP welcomes a new group of Kuwait interns to the Chicago office where they can familiarize themselves with architect and engineering projects in an international setting.

The professionals at EXP provide a range of hands-on career experiences to the interns, involving them directly into the firm and providing helpful knowledge and expertise in their field. Each intern is assigned a mentor, to advise and include them in architecture and engineering projects. Their day-to-day experiences of applying practical architecture and engineering skills into real projects offers them knowledge that they’re able to bring to future jobs.

From their time at EXP, interns learn both on a career and personal level, familiarizing themselves with the culture of Chicago and the US. The interns live near the EXP offices and are immersed in the lifestyle of the city and working at a firm.

Throughout the many semesters of the program, architects and engineers at EXP have formed close friendships with the interns, with many maintaining camaraderie beyond the duration of the program through the exchange of phone numbers, social media and email addresses. Many of the interns still keep in touch with EXP employees and look forward to visiting Chicago and the EXP offices again.

This partnership has given both EXP employees and Kuwait interns the opportunity to learn about a culture and country different to their own in ways that extend past architecture and engineering. “EXP is proud to partner with the Kuwait Fund to provide technical skills to Kuwaiti interns and develop friendships along the way,” said Senior Vice President, Building and Industry Jefrey Jakalski.

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