EXP brings light to Denver Meow Wolf

March 3, 2022

EXP recently contributed lighting coordination and design services to the experiential Meow Wolf Convergence Station Exhibit in Denver, CO. The arts and entertainment exhibition is an interactive and  multimedia installation that features over 300 artists and invites attendees to experience art in an immersive and transformational fashion.

EXP’s Rebecca Bonebrake began work on the project in 2020 as a lighting designer of 20+ spaces in their Denver exhibit, Convergence Station. She continued in 2021 as the on-site lighting coordinator for the entire project. In her role as a lighting designer, she worked with individual artists from the Denver area to transform their visions into the immersive, mind-bending art experience that is Meow Wolf. As the lighting coordinator, she worked alongside engineers and designers to plan for and execute lighting needs throughout the large-scale exhibition.

“A crucial characteristic of this project was taking each artist’s vision and the story they wanted to communicate through their art, and finding ways to execute it in a method that would inspire and resonate with audiences. My role focused on telling their story through the power of lighting design,” said Rebecca. Because of her experience at EXP in themed and permanent lighting installations, as well as having a background in theatrical lighting, Rebecca was able to fuse her technical and artistic expertise and produce large-scale concepts within a smaller physical space.

Meow Wolf exhibits are currently open in Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Denver. See the full list of individual projects within the Denver exhibit that EXP contributed to here

Learn more about EXP’s lighting design team and how they use lighting to bring life to projects here

Photos provided by Meow Wolf 

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