EXP and LMSA mentorship program demonstrates promise for the future

June 14, 2022

EXP’s mentorship program with Lindblom Math and Science Academy (LMSA) came to an end in May. With many students headed to the next step in their academic career and preparing to depart for John Hopkins, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Virginia Tech, Case Western Reserve University and other highly esteemed academic institutions, the final sessions were an opportunity to reflect on a year of progress, knowledge transfer and promise for more innovative solutions for our built and natural environment.

Throughout the academic year, 17 mentors worked alongside 13 students to provide hands-on learning experiences, exploring the complexity of engineering, the intricacy of architecture and design concepts and how to prepare for interviews and public speaking events. They applied their understanding in weekly assignments and in their final presentation, where they designed and presented a community center encompassing the components of engineering and architecture they learned throughout the year.

“The mentorship program is an example of a longstanding commitment between Lindblom Math and Science Academy and EXP. While originally established through the 2017 Chicago Public Schools Engineering Future Programs, it has been maintained because of EXP’s mentors and the students’ desire to keep returning to develop real world skills in a professional work environment,” said LMSA Engineering Teacher Nick Anaya.

Each session was an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of what it meant to be an architect or engineer, appreciate how physical limitations cannot interfere with creativity and prepare for their next step. “The future relies on the next generation,” said Senior Project Manager / Architect Horeya Czaplewski, AIA. “We are invested in providing the knowledge, skillsets and positive reinforcement to support student’s growth and future success. We look forward to many more years with Lindblom Math and Science Academy and celebrating the students’ achievements along the way,” she continued.

Congratulations to our mentees. You never cease to amaze us. Go LMSA Eagles

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