EXP and LMSA are Engineering Futures in Chicago

April 18, 2019

For the 2018/2019 school year, we spent a significant amount of time with an inspiring group of students from Lindblom Math and Science Academy as part of the Engineering Futures program. The program partners Chicago public schools with local architecture and engineering firms so that they can be exposed to the real-world challenges and opportunities of a STEM-related career.

Learn more about the program and its importance directly from our EXP mentors, Mindy Viamontes, Hemal Patel and Matthew Newman.

In the first semester, we introduced a number of concepts to the students to give them a solid foundation to build on. Presently, we are guiding them through a semester-long project that integrates all of those ideas to create a new community center in their neighborhood. With only three sessions left, right now they are working on their group projects with the aim of presenting their final designs at the end of the semester.

Read more about what they learned last semester

Read more about this semester’s project

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