Espace Centro: An inside view of the work-in-progress

August 3, 2022

A few weeks ago, members of EXP’s Corporate Communications team visited the highly anticipated Espace Centro project construction site in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Accompanied by EXP’s Installations Manager Karl Aubut, they were among the first to experience the future workspace of all 200+ Sherbrooke employees. Occupying three floors of Espace Centro’s MW Tower, the office will feature state-of-the-art workstations and technology, multi-use collaboration lounges, meeting and quiet rooms, lunch and break areas and a vast kitchen and dining area with an opening to a large terrace.

A lasting impression

For Corporate Communications Vice President Emmanuelle Landry, one of Espace Centro distinguishing elements is the extensive fenestration that makes up nearly the entirety of the tower’s walls: “The windows create a bright and open space throughout the office, no matter where we are standing. We have access to natural light and also to a magnificent view of the Sherbrooke landscape. It will be an inspiring work environment.”

On the fifth floor, a 690 SF (64 m2) terrace, accessible from the kitchen and dining area, provides a panoramic view of the St. François River and of the eastern part of the city. “The terrace will undoubtedly be a popular place for employees to meet and connect. I can definitely see myself meeting a few colleagues here to enjoy lunch or a coffee break, or even taking part in larger events,” said Quebec Communications Specialist Mireille Simard.

Located in the heart of Sherbrooke’s downtown area, EXP’s new office will be close to several boutiques, restaurants and cafés, one of which, Sherbrooke-based and family-owned roasting houses, will open a new coffee shop on the ground floor of the MW Tower. “It’s easy to imagine it becoming a daily stop to grab coffee before going up to the office,” adds Mireille.

Espace Centro, as seen by Corporate Communications Intern Marily Laroche

“To me, a Sherbrooke University student completing a bachelor’s degree in communications who came to EXP last May for a four-month internship, the new office speaks well to the firm’s desire to constantly meet its employees’ needs. During the visit, I was able to observe that each floor offered equally bold and dynamic spaces. I believe that the working and living environments at Espace Centro will certainly be a key differentiator when recruiting new talent to join the Sherbrooke team, while also contributing to the well-being of current employees who will thrive in this unique work environment.

Lastly, observing the EXP teams working on this project and the way they talk about it, I see how proud they are to be contributing to this major revitalization of the Sherbrooke downtown area. The excitement is really starting to build as work nears completion and employees start picturing themselves in those innovative spaces that will bring undeniable benefits on both professional and personal levels.”

Estimated completion and move-in to the new office is February 2023.

To learn more about EXP’s Espace Centro project, read the article published in the latest edition of our expresso magazine, expresso: shaping tomorrow >  Designing an urban space and making it your place.


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