Designing for energy efficiency and comfort

June 8, 2023

Passive House is emerging as an important approach to address the climate crisis, with key benefits of energy efficiency and occupant comfort. To meet the industry’s goals to achieve energy-efficient design, two EXP building science engineers have elevated their credentials and earned the Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD) certification. “The Passive House design and construction approach creates comfortable, durable and extremely energy efficient buildings while providing high indoor air quality and energy savings through the core strategies of air tightness, super insulation, minimizing thermal bridging, high performance windows and heat recovery ventilation,” said recently CPHD certified Senior Project Manager Ricardo Gama.

“EXP is committed to working to develop more sustainable building solutions. Passive House education enhances our energy-efficient design capabilities and widespread building science knowledge and brings us together with a community of professionals working to provide a sustainable and quality product to our clients,” said Project Manager Marissa Ford, who also recently received her CPHD certification.

With a team of over 100 building science specialists, EXP holds extensive experience in building science consulting, including envelope assessment and design, façade engineering and redesigning building systems for enhanced energy efficiency. “Passive House design capabilities strengthen the team’s core abilities in providing envelope solutions that would contribute to decarbonization efforts and adaptation to climate severities. We’re proud of our team members for acquiring these credentials to aid in our efforts to positively impact the built and natural environment,” said EXP Building Science Director Sathya Ramachandran.

EXP is proud to take steps that strengthen our commitment to sustainability and the natural environment.

Learn more about EXP’s building science and sustainability experience here.

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