Davenport Diamond Guideway project reaches major milestone

November 19, 2021

From diversion track running to mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall installation, as well as the first set of steel girders, the Davenport Diamond Guideway project is making great progress. EXP’s engineering team is providing design and construction administration services for rail, geotechnical, environmental, electrical, IT communication, security, fire protection and supplemental structural engineering.

“The Davenport Diamond Guideway project will provide immediate results for residents and communities in the area. It has been carefully planned with the consideration of running traffic, phasing feasibility, future connections and the impact to the locals through the construction,“ said Rene Lipp, EXP’s senior director, Railway Engineering.

The Davenport Diamond Guideway project is intended to eliminate one of the busiest train track intersections in North America, where freight trains and passenger trains intersect at a ground-level rail crossing. The completion is expected in spring 2023.

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