Creating an accessible transportation experience in Orange County

September 7, 2023

From urban to rural regions, accessible transportation is essential in connecting communities. EXP’s recent work in Orange County, California has accomplished the rehabilitation and enhancement of sidewalks, roads and safety features for a more seamless commuting experience for all residents.

Implementing safety features for pedestrians in Northeast Tustin

To make the Northeast Tustin neighborhood more equitable, EXP worked with Orange County Public Works to remove and reconstruct 21 curb ramps to comply with ADA Federal Standards and California Title 24 Disabled Access Requirements. In addition, the team added detectable warning surfaces to 10 existing curb ramps and constructed around 800 SF of sidewalk and a retaining curb. EXP also provided utility coordination, technical provisions and engineer’s estimates for this project.

Many curb ramps in the area were steeper than the roadway, creating obstacles in the path of travel. ADA-compliant curb ramps ensure that the curb is level with the roadway and allow for easier travel. The new curbs remove barriers that inhibit transportation for people with mobility issues and people who use wheelchairs and help inform people with visual impairments of a change to a vehicular travel lane. “With the completion of this project, these new enhancements allow for a more equitable community that supports efficient and safe transportation for all pedestrians,” said Vice President, Area Manager- Orange County Portia Gonzalez.

Revitalizing major roadways in Seal Beach

In the City of Seal Beach, EXP is providing comprehensive professional civil engineering services on an on-call basis. As the on-call engineer, EXP supports the city in rehabilitating heavily trafficked corridors and improving and extending the life of the existing pavement. Since 2019, EXP has worked on several task orders for the city. Several streets in the city have stressed and deteriorating asphalt pavement that needs to be rehabilitated or replaced to extend the life of the pavement and prevent more severe failures and potholes. As part of the city’s annual paving program, EXP provided roadway improvement design and traffic control plans for the rehabilitation of four residential streets as well as Main Street, which intersects the Pacific Coast Highway.

In addition to the annual paving program, EXP aided the city in the rehabilitation of Marina Drive, which included pavement improvements and replacing handicap ramps. EXP is also currently working on a pavement rehabilitation project on Seal Beach Boulevard, which includes a busy intersection with the I-405 southbound on and off ramps. “This project with the City of Seal Beach creates safer roads and a more efficient travel experience. These projects also add new pavement to the surface of the roads, while preserving some of the original pavement underneath, which allows the city to complete these projects within a reasonable budget and timeframe,” said Vice President, Inland Empire Area Manager Gabriel Rodriguez.

Learn more about EXP’s transportation experience and commitment to creating safe and accessible communities here.

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