Biosciences team sprouts branch in Alberta

January 30, 2020

EXP is pleased to announce the formation of an expanded biosciences group in Alberta. Led by Jason Gillespie, and supported by our existing, nationwide team of environmental professionals, the Alberta office can now offer a comprehensive suite of environmental services to our local development, infrastructure, construction and government clients.

Services include:

  • Water Act approvals
  • Wetland policy approvals and restoration
  • Public Lands Act approvals
  • EPEA approvals
  • Historical Resources Act clearance
  • Biophysical impact assessments (BIA)
  • Environmental evaluations (EE)
  • Environmental protection plans (EPP)
  • Environmental construction operation plans (ECO)
  • Erosion and sediment control plans (ESC)
  • Fisheries assessments
  • Fisheries Act approvals
  • Environmental construction monitoring
  • Post-construction reclamation

We look forward to helping you navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape in Alberta and across North America. EXP is here to help with any environmental issue you may have.

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