EXP is pleased to announce the promotion of Bill McGuire to senior vice president, building and industry. Previously, Bill was in the role of vice president, building and industry where he oversaw US Operations. With 16 years of experience at EXP and 34 years of career experience, Bill maintains a deep understanding of EXP and industry standards. His effectiveness in meeting client expectations while leading a range of teams has led to successful projects and milestones for the firm.

Throughout his career, Bill has worked on large-scale projects in the education, entertainment, healthcare and residential sectors, focusing on mechanical, electrical and plumbing/fire protection consulting services, sustainability, technology, lighting design and commissioning services. His experience in both contracting and engineering gives him the expertise to bring innovation and quality assurance to teams and project execution.

As vice president, Bill provided leadership and strategic management of business operations for eight US offices, managing a range of teams and services. His overall focus as senior vice president will be to continue growing EXP’s client base, market share and profit margins while ensuring operational effectiveness. His passion for the commissioning process and meeting clients’ expectations influences each team he manages to align with the overall mission of EXP’s client-focused operations.

“Bill’s ability to lead teams throughout the US with EXP’s main goals in mind continues to show itself in the projects, camaraderie and overall success of the teams he oversees. As a trusted advisor to clients, his promotion to senior vice president presents a continued opportunity for strategic growth throughout the US and globally,” said EXP’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ivan Dvorak.

Bill holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Polytechnic University in New York City, New York and a bachelor’s degree in physics from the State University of New York in Albany, New York. Bill is also a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Please join us in congratulating Bill on his recent promotion.