Aziz Sene promoted to lead new mining sector

April 7, 2021

Aziz Sene, previously appointed Vice President, Central Canada Mining, has been promoted to serve as EXP’s new mining sector lead. Since joining EXP in March of 2016, Aziz has grown and developed the mining sector, expanding his team of professionals, along with a strong portfolio of work and robust project pipeline. He has spearheaded new policies, procedures, and standards that are catered to the mining industry and ensured an impressive health and safety record.

“Aziz found a niche within our company, and the mining industry, by clearly defining what EXP can offer, expanding the scope of our work and cultivating critical client relationships with mining industry leaders,” explains EXP chairman and chief executive officer, Ivan Dvorak.

Aziz is now responsible for leading EXP’s mining engineering team’s operations. His growing team can handle underground and open-pit mines, pyro and hydrometallurgy, process, electrical and instrumentation, mechanical and piping, material handling, civil and structural engineering and project management.

Aziz’s 16-year career in mining includes leadership, managerial and technical roles, and business development where he gained extensive experience building and leading high-performing teams to enhance safety, profitability, sustainability and diversity and inclusion. He also has extensive operational and technical experience in gold, nickel, iron ore, copper, zinc, diamond mining and other metals and phosphate beneficiation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and automation engineering from Laval University in Quebec City.

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