ASCE Miami-Dade and EXP work to prepare the next generation of engineers

January 26, 2022

EXP’s professionals are committed to providing hands-on experience to prepare the next generation of engineers with the necessary skills to succeed in an evolving and complex economy. With this commitment, our engineers are actively involved in associations committed to advancing the profession – at all levels, including ASCE-Miami Dade.

In December, EXP’s transportation experts and ASCE Miami-Dade Chapter members Miguel Lockward, PE, Roxana Matamoros, PE and Jose Santiago, PE were invited to the Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami. The class, led by instructor and designer, Maria Castillo-Silva, invited the team to discuss their profession, bridge design, the mindset of bridge designers when preparing designs and how safety is an integral part of the profession, as the students would be soon preparing to design their own truss bridges. Following the presentation, students researched bridge truss designs and began their conceptual work for their final design project in January. To learn more about how to optimally design a bridge truss and creative and structurally sound solutions, students were able to ask follow-up questions to Miguel, Roxana and Jose.

On January 7, Miguel, Roxana and Jose returned to the school to participate as judges for the student’s final Truss Bridge Project. Their designs were evaluated for craftsmanship, creativity and strength. “At the end, we were tasked to determine three winners. We found it to be incredibly inspiring to see the entire class demonstrate a desire to learn, creativity, passion and problem-solving — qualities that are essential in the engineering profession and STEM fields. We were honored to work with the students on this project, represent ASCE-Miami Dade and EXP and grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge with the students,” said EXP’s Jose Santiago.

Miguel, Roxana and Jose share the sentiment, “The possibilities are endless for the next generation of engineers.”

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