Rail + Transit

solutions for freight and passenger rail

Whether freight or passenger services, the demand for rail and transit systems is increasing to meet the world’s growing population.

EXP offers comprehensive planning, design, project management and construction solutions for all types of rail and transit projects. Whether related to full rail systems, track, rail bridges, tunneling, grade crossings, maintenance facilities and train/car storage, or transit stations for the traveling public, we provide multidisciplinary solutions across all types of railway infrastructure.

Our expertise combines recognized industry standards with client-specific requirements. Across new and existing freight lines, our experience spans from Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 to short line and mining facilities. We understand the importance of intermodalities and the connection between freight rail and the trucking, mining, port and shipping industries.

For passenger-based rail, we have played a major role in new and existing transit lines, and have successfully integrated infrastructure into existing passenger systems, including iconic station design.