City of Chicago Vehicle Maintenance Facility

maintaining operational efficiency with a durable, sustainable maintenance facility

The ultramodern masonry and steel  Vehicle Maintenance Facility enables upkeep of the City of Chicago’s truck fleet and off-road equipment.

Featuring 34 maintenance bays with a pit and crane bays, the new facility can service the full-range of vehicle types operated by the City of Chicago. A unique combination of materials—a metal panel system, translucent polycarbonate panels for the exterior walls to diffuse high quality daylight, and a cast-in-place concrete base in the truck maintenance area—provides both durability and visual appeal.

The administrative and storage block anchors the building’s two wings with its bluish-grey iron spot brick. The brick exterior, incorporating an animated pattern of solid and void from irregular massing and edge condition of buildings along the street, provides aesthetic interest in relation to the scale and variety of its neighboring buildings.

Sustainable strategies reduce carbon emissions and increase filtration of stormwater runoff through plants with extensive root systems that absorb more water and stabilize soil.



Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection

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