Turcot Interchange Reconstruction

improving a major traffic center in Québec

The Turcot Interchange is the traffic nerve center in the province of Québec with over 300,000 vehicles transiting daily.

The interchange’s eventual reconstruction will greatly improve traffic safety in Montreal’s road circuit hub, while bringing more efficient roadways, better public transit and more green spaces. EXP’s involvement in this complex project has encompassed both analysis and monitoring of the existing infrastructure, as well as independent assessment of new designs for reconstruction.

Analysis and monitoring of existing infrastructure across Turcot, La Verendrye and the elevated portion of Highway 720 has involved 35 major structures totaling over 500 bays and covering 18 kilometers of range for a total deck area of 257,000 square meters.

As independent engineer, EXP’s design review and safety audit has encompassed analysis of 250 design plans for geometry, traffic lights, electrotechnics, marking, signage, engineering and landscape design. Over 52 kilometers of roadway was analyzed as part of four complex interchanges, including the construction of multi-lane expressways, intersections and complex ramps in an already built environment. More than 60 different structures—16 major and 14 designated “emergency bridges”—were assessed.



Bridge Design, Civil, Lighting Design, Landscape Architecture, Electrical, Traffic, Transportation Engineering

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