Smythe Street + Route 8 Roundabout

a unique solution to improve connectivity in Fredericton

Accommodating 25,000 vehicles daily, the new Smythe Street + Route 8 Roundabout — one of the first of its kind in the region — improves connectivity for Fredericton.

Studies of Fredericton’s uptown road network had identified the need for a connection of Smythe Street and Bishop Drive for many years. A roundabout was identified as a safe, feasible solution to improve connectivity and reduce congestion. Traffic calming measures such as overhead sign structures and lighting, warning beacon lights, horizontal curves, curbs and trees in the median enhance safety and help reduce approach speeds.

The resulting placement of a roundabout on a divided four-lane highway is a unique application and one of the first done in North America.




Civil, Geotechnical, Lighting Design, Survey, Traffic, Construction Inspection

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