Royal 22nd Regiment Commemorative Park

Anchoring Canadian history in the present

Designed from a desire to highlight the history of one of the Canadian Armed Forces’ three largest infantry regiments, the new Royal 22nd Regiment Commemorative Park in Saint-Hyacinthe provides citizens with a public meeting and socialization space, while strengthening the link between the past and the present. The site, located on Sainte-Anne Avenue, is highly visible from the intersection of Morison and Papineau streets.

The EXP team optimized the original concept, implemented plans and specifications, and then provided work supervision and monitoring. With its beauty, unique design and the meticulous care taken during its construction, the park pays tribute to those who fought in the battlefields since the regiment’s inception on October 14, 1914. The park’s elements and materials are inspired by the trenches and military structures used by the army during its missions. Pedestrians can enjoy the park day or night, as ambient lighting has been installed within the pavement to echo the starry sky and to highlight the soldiers’ silhouettes.

The 100% recyclable Corten steel used for the silhouettes and park fixtures exceeds LEED requirements. Contributing to the ecological and environmental aspects of the park, light-colored paving increases the site’s solar reflectance index and reduces its heat island effect.



Landscape Architecture, Lighting, Civil, Structural, Electrical

Grand Prix du Design – 14th edition, Gold Winner, Urban Design/Municipal Development Projects category, 2021
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