Regina Bypass DBFOM Project

enhancing a key component of Canada’s national highway system

The construction of the new Regina Bypass is the largest transportation project in Saskatchewan’s history and the first transportation infrastructure project to be completed under a P3 model in the province. The $1.97B project includes 40 km of a new four-lane highway and 18 km of roadway upgrades to the existing TransCanada Highway, replacing existing at-grade intersections with interchanges, flyovers, bridge structures, at-grade railway crossings, rail overpass bridges, service roads and two river crossings.

The surficial geology within EXP’s section of responsibility largely consists of Glacio-lacustrine plain (highly plastic expansive clay, known locally as Regina clay), generally 8 to 14m thick overlying competent clay tilly. Groundwater conditions vary across the project site from near surface to greater than 11m below existing ground surface.

Construction of the Regina Bypass lasted four years – two years faster than a traditional build. During construction, EXP’s field engineering team oversaw construction activities from on-site in Regina.

Since completion, the Regina bypass has reduced traffic congestion, improved motorists’ safety in and around the capitol and increased efficiency for truckers and shippers moving goods, a critical component for the land-locked province.



Geotechnical, Pavement Design

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