Edson Transportation Study

Planning for the future of transportation infrastructure

Ensuring accessible transportation requires continuous evaluation and improvement of a region’s transportation systems and infrastructure. To implement this practice in the Town of Edson, Alberta, EXP completed a transportation study with the goal of planning improvements to its existing transportation services, roads, sidewalks and safety features.

The study concentrated on pedestrian facilities within a 20-minute walkshed of schools in the town to provide safer travel routes for those that cannot or choose not to travel by vehicle. While the town largely accommodates vehicles, travel by other modes of transportation is not as accessible. Features such as revitalized sidewalks, safer pedestrian crossing areas and strategically placed curb extensions were recommended to improve the pedestrian environment. The team also proposed pathways, bike lanes and signage to allow for safer travel on bikes and to create an active transportation network.

The study outlined plans for a future public transportation system. The plan consisted of the expansion of the existing Edson Seniors Transportation Society (ESTS), which provides rides for older adults and individuals with physical and cognitive challenges. The study also found that by extending the hours and days of service and incorporating a mobile app to track buses and book rides, Edson can take steps toward an on-demand public transportation system.

EXP’s project delivery and thorough study left Edson prepared to create a safer and more equitable transportation system in the town.



Transportation Planning

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