Philippe-Villeneuve Park Redevelopment

A new community sports facility

To address the sharp increase in sporting events at its facilities, Philippe-Villeneuve Municipal Park required redesign and redevelopment. The park’s improvements brought one natural and one synthetic soccer pitch designed to FIFA 1 Star requirements, a lighted ballfield, beach volleyball court and basketball court. The park features an overflow parking lot with 30 spaces, an electric vehicle charging station, a lighted trail system and a large tree planting initiative.

Originally laid out east-west, the park’s soccer pitches were redesigned for a standard north-south layout. A soccer pitch in the northern section of the park was converted to a ballfield. This conversion created the space needed in the southern section of the park to build two soccer pitches side-by-side and to expand the parking lot. Parc-Philippe-Villeneuve Road was removed to reorganize the park’s traffic flow, highlight the existing bicycle trail and increase available space for new sports fields.

Site lighting was optimized through installation of multiple lighting fixtures on the same pillar between the soccer fields. By combining a series of eastern and western oriented fixtures on each pillar, both soccer fields can be illuminated at the same time. This layout also enables lighting for both the fields and the attendee areas during night events. Players and visitors now benefit from optimal lighting conditions both at night and throughout the day without glare.

Due to the proximity of houses nearby, a plant buffer zone on the park’s edge muffles the noise from sporting events while providing sustainable new space for visitors to enjoy.



Civil, Landscape Architecture, Electrical

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