Bombardier Multifunctional Test Track

Design of this in-tunnel multifunctional electrified test railway track for Bombardier is unique in North America.

Featuring design varying from traditional railway industry standards, this new test track has enabled Bombardier to assemble MPM 10 railcars for Montreal Metro at their La Pocatière plant.

The design and manufacture of railway rolling stock, including metro cars in Montréal, required a testing phase to deliver a high quality, safe and reliable product meeting the highest standards in the railway rolling stock industry.

Railway infrastructure is compatible with Montreal Metro tracks for Bombardier to perform static and dynamic tests on trains consisting of nine cars for a total length of 152 meters, while allowing use of the infrastructure by traditional railway equipment.

Design of the test track, with a traditional railway base, was upgraded to allow for use of tire rolling wheels and the addition of car guide rails for power supply. Allowing tests up to 72 km/h, the multifunctional track features a garage section of 170 meters, a test section of 718 meters, and a fully covered metro track on wooden ties with concrete tread surface and electrified guide rails.



Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Transportation Engineering, Commissioning, Environmental, Geotechnical, Process Engineering, Site Supervision

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