Moncton Law Courts

revitalizing Moncton’s downtown riverfront with a bold new court design

Raising the judicial system to a renewed place of prominence in the community, the new Moncton Law Courts building is articulated by complex internal functionality characterized by security and quality of space.

Making a bold and modern statement about the important place the justice system holds in the community, the grand building is sculpted into two towers defined by its two distinct users: the provincial and federal courts.

The main building lobby is an impressive, richly finished two-story space. The large volume is meant to impress upon on the individual as the reminder of the place of law in a just society. The fundamental design principle of this courthouse is the physical separation of the judiciary, the public and the accused. As such, the design places all public spaces along the front flanked by large river-facing glass walls. The judiciary is securely positioned at the back with views to downtown Moncton, while the accused move about from detention to courtrooms through highly secure vertical circulation routes.




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