Meow Wolf Grapevine – The Real Unreal

Designing building systems to enhance the guest experience

Meow Wolf is an indoor immersive art experience bringing together the works of local and in-house artists to create a multi-medium, interactive guest experience. The various “anchors” throughout the venue combine high level show lighting displays with 3D immersive audio and art installations to enhance guest experiences while following a storyline spanning from venue to venue. The iconic opening anchor takes the form of a realistic suburban single-family home filled with “portals” leading into alternate realities. These alternate realities, the works of collaborating and staff artists, keep the guests unexpectedly on their toes.

Design of building systems to enhance the guest experience

Use of Revit’s 3D modeling capabilities helped ensure the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems were meticulously coordinated with scenic pieces. Design of the building’s systems enhance the guest experience through intentional placement. Walkable refrigerators within the space provide cold air blasts while guests travel into different “portals.” To keep systems out of view while still maintaining safety, fire protection piping is routed through an entanglement of scenic tree branches. Life safety devices are located so that fire alarm strobes and exit signs are not blocked by the sprawling multi-dimensional creatures floating amongst the space’s neon coral reef.


Photos by Kate Russell | Photos Courtesy of Meow Wolf



Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Construction Administration

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