Marabar Sculpture (Sudama) Relocation

Connecting communities through public art

The dynamic rock-and-water sculpture known as ‘Marabar’ by Elyn Zimmerman now calls American University home. The 450,000-pound sculpture, renamed Sudama, consists of five large granite boulders and seven ancillary stones surrounding a crescent-shaped reflective pool. The public art piece tells a unique story of the integration of art and the natural environment.

Since 1984, the sculpture was located at the National Geographic Society’s (NGS) downtown headquarters. With a planned expansion of NGS’s headquarters, the sculpture would move to American University. To facilitate the relocation, EXP aided in the detailed coordination between the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Elyn Zimmerman, landscape architects and the NGS.

EXP played a crucial role in the reconfiguration of the large-scale sculpture. Through engineering and design services, the team secured the underlying infrastructure to uphold the weight of the art and implemented the water lines for the reflective pool powered by a complex hydroelectric system.

The integration of public art and the natural environment creates an immersive and transformative experience for students, faculty and visitors.



Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Permitting, Stakeholder Outreach

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