John H. Price Sports and Recreation Centre

innovative solutions deliver energy efficiency for updated recreation center at Bishop's University

The expansion and renovation of John H. Price Sports Recreation Centre at Bishop’s University promotes health and wellness for university students and surrounding community.

Designed to accommodate additional students, athletes and athletic events, the expansion provides a new double gymnasium with mezzanine, an 800-seat arena, indoor cycling room, food court and various offices and classrooms and serves as the connection to the existing sports center. Renovations to the existing sports center include upgrades to the HVAC systems, pool filtration system, the Mitchell gymnasium, and redevelopment of storage, changing rooms, offices and treatment rooms.

Innovative solutions to promote energy efficiency are found throughout and include a bleacher ventilation system that ensures the comfort of spectators while being discreet, efficient and cost-effective which helps reduce heating costs. EXP worked in consortium with CIMA+ for this important campus upgrade.



Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Commissioning, Sustainability, Site Supervision

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