Hamilton City Hall Renovation

revitalization of an architecturally significant heritage building

The extensive renovation of this International Style civic complex portrays a strong heritage with contemporary amenities.

The Hamilton City Hall renovation project adapted and reinvented the original 1958 building designed by Stanley Roscoe. As a designated heritage building, the 170,000 SF, 8-story building was comprised of several architectural features and art installations that were protected during renovation and demolition.

The complete renovation included: a new building envelope, revised layouts, improvements to Council Chambers, increased barrier-free access, new washrooms, new HVAC system, electrical and lighting systems, new sprinkler and fire alarm systems, and landscaping with water features.

The new HVAC system now consists of seven air handling units, zoned to suit the varying occupancies of the building, with a fan-powered variable air volume (VAV) system. Daylight harvesting in office areas reduces lighting output, and emergency electrical power channels from two 250 kW natural gas generators.



Mechanical, Electrical

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