Edmundston Amphitheatre – Jean-Daigle Centre

optimizing a major event center

The Jean-Daigle Centre amphitheatre was constructed for the city of Edmundston to host major cultural, sporting and community events. Built on the University of Edmundston campus, the amphitheatre has an NHL‑sized ice rink with a . Box seats were added to make full use of the building’s height. An atrium holds up to 1,000 people for events with a balcony providing magnificent views of the city.

The main component of the mechanical installation is a 30,000 l/s ammonia refrigeration system. This system maintains the arena at a comfortable temperature for spectators, with air distribution that helps keep the ice solid and in high‑performance shape, while enabling rapid conversion to show mode. This ammonia refrigeration system recovers energy and uses it to heat the building’s air and water, as well as for dehumidification and snow melting.

The amphitheatre is optimized for hosting major international events and includes features such as LED light fixtures with capability to change the brightness and color.



Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Sustainability

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