Dorchester Square Restoration + Modernization

enhancing the urban environment of Downtown Montreal’s parkland

Built in 1892 over the Sainte-Antoine Cemetery, Dorchester Square serves as a protected urban parkland and focal point for pedestrian traffic in Downtown Montreal. The development covers the northern block portion of Peel and Metcalfe Streets and is aimed to consolidate and facilitate the connection between Mount Royal and the St. Lawrence River. The most recent redesign allowed for the integration of a Victorian-inspired fountain, an urban lighting system, two new footbridges and street furniture, as well as the rehabilitation of sidewalks and pathways making the square more accessible to pedestrians and enhancing the urban environment.

The goal of the project was to promote the connection between the built conditions and the public square by integrating the concepts of active transportation included in the City of Montreal 2008 Transportation Plan and through the rehabilitation of sidewalks and pathways. The team’s efforts helped improve the quality of the urban environment, ensure sustainability, and publicize and commemorate this monument to Montreal’s heritage.



Structural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical

13th Grands prix du design awards, Prix architecture de paysage public (Public space architecture award), 2020
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