City of Montreal Rosemont Tunnel

constructing a major tunnel for the Rosemont Reservoir

Construction of this tunnel extending more than 4 kilometers for a large-diameter drinking-water supply pipe is a critical component in reactivation of the largest drinking water reservoir in Montréal.

Reactivation of the Rosemont Reservoir will increase Montreal’s drinking water supply by 40% and will reduce the network’s instability during periods of high consumption. This 4-kilometer tunnel was drilled in 300 days through limestone and hard intrusive rocks at an average depth of 40 meters. Over 650 pipes with a diameter of 2,100 millimeters were transported and installed in the tunnel.

EXP provided monitoring of excavation and multidisciplinary technical assistance during construction of the tunnel. Construction observation, blasting supervision and seismic tracking were instrumental for completion of this major infrastructure project. Traveling under high-risk areas such as the Montréal subway, the tunnel also commanded strict geological monitoring.



Civil, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Water + Wastewater, Sustainability, Process Engineering, Program Management, Commissioning, Construction Supervision

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