7-Eleven Canada at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Serving travelers across the world through a modified design approach

The 7-Eleven Canada location in Toronto Pearson International Airport Terminal 1 Arrivals offers an open concept for travelers on the go. Designed by EXP, the new store transforms the space, converting it from an existing kiosk to a backroom and storage room to support the new store design. This project sets the precedent of how a modified design can reshape a project for our client’s needs and serve travelers from across the globe.

To meet the retail requirements of 7-Eleven and regulatory requirements of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), EXP revised conceptional plans and layouts to maximize space for 7-Eleven’s standard amenities and guaranteed zero impact to the airport’s data center. Additionally, the design of the convenience store considered the GTAA permitting and safety requirements for optimally placed signage. EXP team members carefully navigated retail requirements and critical airport infrastructure to achieve the most effective outcome.

To accommodate an open floor plan and mezzanine level for the arrivals area which is located directly above the 7-Eleven, considerations were made so that systems are hidden. This involved innovative design approaches for the concealment of sanitary, data, water and electrical lines by the addition of knee-high walls in specific areas. To utilize the renovated space efficiently, EXP also designed a new space for the pad-mounted transformer and condensing units to be out-of-customer’s eye sites and within the storage room.



Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical

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