ACEC – New Brunswick awards Char Lake Station and Signall Hill Water Treatment Plant project 2022 Engineering Excellence Award

May 4, 2022

EXP is proud to announce that the Char Lake Station and Signall Hill Water Treatment Plant project in Resolute Bay, Nunavut has been named the recipient of the 2022 Engineering Excellence Award by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies | New Brunswick (ACEC-NB). The award promotes exemplary engineering services nationally and internationally.

Char Lake Station and Signall Hill Water Treatment Plant was built in the 1970s and had reached the end of its service life and did not meet current water quality guidelines. EXP was subsequently hired by the Government of Nunavut and provided complete engineering services to design and construct a new intake, pump station, and water treatment plant to service the Inuit Hamlet of Resolute Bay. Located approximately 700 km (approx. 435 mi) north of the Arctic Circle, Resolute Bay is the second most northern community on the entire continent!

EXP’s Vice President of Operations for Eastern Canada, Mark Gunter, attended the Awards Gala alongside members of the project team and was impressed by how the team persevered to overcome the many logistical challenges presented during construction.

“It’s quite remarkable when you stop and think about it that these folks were able to successfully deliver this complex project from 3,500 km away in the middle of a global pandemic”, said Gunter. “That’s perhaps the biggest accomplishment from my perspective.”

The remoteness of the project site, coordination of material delivery to meet the annual sealift schedule, lack of reliable modes of communications, unpredictable transportation and COVID-19 protocols presented a different set of challenges. It was EXP’s relentlessness and perseverance that paid off in the end and the new treatment plant was successfully commissioned in October 2021, providing residents of Resolute Bay with a safe, clean, and reliable source of drinking water for many years to come!