Meenan’s Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant

a stable, engineered ecosystem for water treatment

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The combination of a new engineered wetland treatment system and a pressurized collection system brought several firsts to the region.

The Meenan’s Cove Engineered Wetland is the first secondary sub-surface wetland treatment facility in New Brunswick that does not require polishing to meet effluent criteria and guidelines. The Forrester’s Cove collection system is also a first of its kind in
New Brunswick consisting of a completely pressurized system.

The installed engineered wetland treatment system requires minimal operator attention, and the only significant power consumption results from seasonal use of UV lamps for disinfection. The treatment area itself is a stable, engineered ecosystem based on complex interrelationships between plants, soils and micro-organisms. Successfully meeting 20/20 BOD/TSS treatment requirements, resulting benefits are realized in lower maintenance and operational costs, lower odor potential and an improved ability to handle high peak flows.


    Civil, Commissioning, Environmental, Water + Wastewater


  • Recognition for Engineering Excellence, Environmental Category, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies New Brunswick (ACEC-NB), 2015