CTA Illinois Medical District Station Rehabilitation

a new gateway to the medical district

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CTA 95th Street Terminal Improvement

The rehabilitation of three station houses, canopies and platforms along the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Blue Line brings an economical and elegantly detailed update, embracing the condition of movement as a theme.

At the Illinois Medical District (IMD) Stations the idea of movement is especially relevant. The shuffle of CTA riders and trains moving to and from, the constant hum of cars on the expressway, and the forward progress of the Illinois Medical Center research all conspire to create an environment in constant motion. Our design creates an iconic gateway to the district and serves as a focal point for the surrounding community.

Systems and materials were carefully chosen to maximize the re-use of existing, and the design employs systems and materials that have already proven successful in other CTA facilities.

Our designs recognize the qualities of the existing stations while also creating a degree of individuality specific to the IMD. The existing station house masonry walls will be repaired and over-clad with a metal rainscreen system. The panels will be extended above the roofline with wing walls reaching out on both sides. Stainless steel supergraphics will be illuminated with LED lighting creating a dramatic billboard-like appearance to identify the station houses from a distance.


  • Architecture
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