The Saint-Donat arena achieves LEED Silver certification

November 12, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that another of our projects, the Saint-Donat arena in Montreal, has just been awarded LEED Silver certification by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

Funded in part through the City of Montreal’s municipal arena upgrade support program, the Programme de soutien à la mise aux normes des arénas municipaux, this major retrofit project included replacing the arena’s Freon refrigeration system with an ozone-friendlier ammonia system.The Saint-Donat arena is the fourth arena in Montreal to receive a LEED certification and the second to achieve Silver certification under that program.

To carry out the major retrofit and expansion of the arena, our teams designed and built two new rooms: a mechanical room for the refrigeration system and a control room. Our teams also installed an effective ventilation and dehumidification system to improve ice quality and spectator comfort, all while reducing the arena’s energy consumption and environmental footprint.

Below are a few of the elements designed by EXP professionals that helped the arena achieve certification:

  • Exterior lighting that minimizes light pollution
  • Retention systems that reduce the volume and flow rate of water discharged into municipal infrastructure during periods of heavy rain
  • Energy recovery systems, LED interior lighting and other optimization measures to cut down on energy needs
  • Systems that ensure good air quality, spectator comfort and energy efficiency

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