The Aréna Chénier achieves LEED certification

January 6, 2022

The Aréna Chénier receives LEED certification, Certified® from the Canada Green Building Council (CGBC). EXP’s mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering teams collaborated on the project, which sought to bring the building to standards and replace the refrigeration system of its indoor ice rink. This work is part of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, an international environmental agreement that regulates production and consumption and aims to phase out many chemicals, known as ozone depleting substances (OSD).

The project proposed the replacement of the ice rink’s refrigeration system, which used Freon, an OSD, by one using ammonia. Besides the refrigeration system, EXP performed the redesign of the changing room area, the set-up of a room to install the new refrigeration system, as well as the installation of a system that reuses the heat produced by the refrigeration system to heat the building and its water supply. It also includes the design of a high-performance dehumidification system around the ice rink, an intelligent lighting system and a holding system that allows a reduced flow of water being discharged in the municipal installations during heavy rains. EXP’s multidisciplinary teams designed and provided innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the building’s energy consumption and its environmental footprint, which led to LEED certification.

Congratulations to EXP and partners for the project’s success.

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