EXP’s contribution to Polytechnique Montreal holds deeper meaning

July 26, 2021

EXP is pleased to announce our contributions to improve the facilities at one of Canada’s leading engineering educational and research institutions, Polytechnique Montreal. The university selected EXP’s Buildings team to provide civil and structural engineering services for the renovation of its main building and the expansion of the J.-Armand-Bombardier building. The EXP + gbi consortium was also selected for the development of electrical and mechanical engineering plans and specifications.

EXP + gbi joined forces to design solutions that incorporate sustainable development practices to support LEED certification and maintain the Polytechnique’s STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) certification. “Equipment and materials will be selected based on their reliability, sustainability, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and community interests. We also aim to design mechanical spaces to meet future needs. For example, when designing the source systems, we will consider work that could be required in the years to come, making it easier to implement new systems when the time comes,” says Jean Molina, project manager in our mechanical and electrical engineering team.

Our civil and structural engineering teams will develop the plans and specifications, and provide work supervision during construction. To accommodate for minimal disruption to research activities and student services during all phases of the project, measures to ensure occupants’ safety and comfort will be implemented throughout construction, including for vibration and noise control.

Dominique Nadeau, senior vice president of EXP’s Quebec Buildings + Industry group, shares his excitement about EXP’s contributions to the project and its strong symbolic value. He explains, “Many of EXP’s engineers in Quebec studied at Polytechnique Montréal. For us, contributing to this expansion and renovation project at this renowned engineering university is a way to support tomorrow’s engineers and engineering field researchers.”

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