EXP wins awards for transportation projects throughout the Midwest

April 7, 2022

EXP recently won awards throughout Illinois and Wisconsin for transportation projects that contribute to safer and modern roadway and trailway solutions. At the ACEC Illinois Engineering Excellence Awards 2022, EXP won a Special Achievement Award for the Franklin Avenue Improvement project. EXP was involved in the planning, environmental investigation, design and construction of Franklin Avenue as well as extensive coordination with project stakeholders. The Franklin Avenue Improvement project, in collaboration with the Village of Franklin Park, prepares the public for planned Tollway improvements along I-490, which will connect to the hub of Franklin Park to improve downtown access, enhance regional mobility and add freight capacity. EXP engaged with the local community and initiated a public outreach program to meet with community members and stakeholders to understand the needs and goals of all. EXP assisted the Village in obtaining multiple funding sources, with an innagural Illinois Competitive Freight Grant, as well as Invest in Cook grant being awarded to the project.

EXP also won two 2022 Engineering Excellence State Finalist awards from ACEC Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Highway 11 Reconstruction (Urban category) and the Underwood Creek Parkway Replacement (Small Projects category). Wisconsin Highway 11 (WIS 11) is a key corridor in Racine growing commercial district. To target the roadway’s poor pavement, high crash rates and lack of ADA accessibility, EXP did a design for a complete reconstruction of the roadway to provide a safer and more modern transportation corridor to meets Racine’s growing needs. EXP added bike/pedestrian access and a larger right-of-way for improved safety, as well as ADA accommodations for the bus network. EXP’s small projects category award win was for Underwood Creek Parkway Replacement, which improved upon Oak Leaf Trail, a 125-mile mixed-use trail that circles Milwaukee County and provides access to parks and public attractions. The upgrades consisted of total reconstruction of the parkway, including a re-design and stormwater management techniques to protect the nearby waterway. With these upgrades, the parkway now meets the needs of all users and provides a safer trail for pedestrians and bikers.

EXP continues to contribute to critical transportation projects throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and the Midwest.

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