EXP to help MIA meet operational and sustainable goals

May 31, 2022

Miami International Airport (MIA) is an economic engine in South Florida. As a global hub for national and international travelers, MIA operates on 3,230 acres near the downtown area and is one of America’s busiest airports. To maintain the safety, operating standard and efficiency required by Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) and meet Miami-Dade County’s ambitious Climate Action Strategy led by Mayor Danielle Levine Cava, EXP is executing the MDAD Terminal Wide Re-Roofing and Lightning Systems Upgrades project and Solar Feasibility Study.

In 2021, EXP was awarded the $14 million re-roofing contract to provide architectural/engineering (A/E) services and address leaks throughout the terminal roof with a long-term, modernized and energy-efficient solution. The replacement roofs in the North, Central and South Terminals aim to support the operational readiness of the terminals and functional passenger service areas. As Miami-Dade County has remained at the forefront of tackling climate change with initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach net-zero emissions by 2025, EXP has also been awarded the Solar Feasibility Study, concurrent to the re-roofing project, to determine if the roof of the Miami International Airport Terminal Complex is equipped for a solar photovoltaic system. The simultaneous completion of the re-roofing project and feasibility study optimizes EXP’s ability to integrate building systems and determine site locations, space for support equipment and the recommended solar panels suitable for a complete solar photovoltaic system installation.

“To reduce the impacts of climate change and encourage sustainable and economic growth, it’s imperative to identify design strategies, assess construction impacts and environmental solutions that align with our client’s values and missions,” said Environmental Project Manager Joseph Gale.

“With a comprehensive understanding of the roof’s structural membrane and systems, we will deliver a thorough study to ensure our client can make data-driven decisions. Roofs are optimal locations for solar panels because they have unobstructed views of the sun and are a structurally sound location required for installation. Our goal will be to examine if a solar photovoltaic system could be mounted in the areas where the re-roofing and lightning upgrades will occur. If executed, the implementation would produce a cost-benefit and sustainable outcome for the airport’s power operations,” continued Joseph.

The Re-Roofing and Lightning Systems Upgrades project is scheduled to be completed in September 2028.

Learn more about EXP’s solutions for Miami International Airport by contacting Environmental Project Manager Joseph Gale.

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