EXP selected for US Department of Energy’s voucher program to support clean energy

February 12, 2024

The US Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Technology Adoption Voucher Program aims to make clean energy expertise and technology available to small or underrepresented entities through the support of a partner organization. EXP has been selected to participate in the voucher program and has been matched with the Chenega Regional Development Group to provide clean energy siting and permitting support in the village of Chenega, Alaska, an isolated community in the Prince William Sound accessible only by air or water.

EXP will assist the village of Chenega in evaluating the potential benefits of a battery energy storage system to improve diesel generator efficiency and enable future integration of renewables into the village’s microgrid. EXP will provide knowledge and consulting services including site feasibility assessment, environmental impact evaluation and regulatory road mapping.

“This program allows us to create long-standing partnerships and use our industry experience to support communities across Alaska and beyond. We are excited to work with our partners in strengthening our commitment to enabling clean energy solutions,” said Jeff Raun, Senior Environmental Project Manager.

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