EXP promotes Dominique Nadeau to Executive Vice President, Buildings + Industry

June 20, 2024

EXP is excited to announce the promotion of Dominique Nadeau to Executive Vice President, Buildings + Industry. With an impressive track record at the company, Dominique has been instrumental in the strong growth of EXP’s Buildings + Industry sector in Quebec. His ability to transform challenges into opportunities has been a key factor in his sector’s ongoing success.

During his 30-year career at EXP, Dominique has brought his expertise to projects that have shaped the city of Sherbrooke’s built environment, as well as many large-scale projects across the province.

Dominique became Vice President and Sector Leader in 2016, quickly leading his sector to become one of the most successful in the entire company. His sector’s remarkable growth – expanding from 286 to 540 employees – is a testament to the importance Dominique places on respect, equity and teamwork.

“Dominique has demonstrated exceptional leadership, contributing to the significant growth of his sector with a strategy driven by innovation, operational excellence, technical specialization and employee development. Under his leadership as Executive Vice President, the Buildings + Industry sector will continue to thrive and innovate while designing cutting-edge solutions for our clients,” said Mark Dvorak, EXP President and COO.

Dominique was also elected as a member of EXP’s Board of Directors in 2020. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Sherbrooke.

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