EXP leads construction management and inspection services for Sepulveda Boulevard Widening Project

May 19, 2022

To address existing and future congestion and traffic flow in the City of Carson, EXP will lead the construction management and inspection services for the Sepulveda Boulevard Widening Project. The City of Carson led project involves approximately 1500 linear feet of widening of Sepulveda Blvd from Alameda Street to approximately 400-ft east of Intermodal Way into three lanes of thru traffic, with 240 linear feet of bridge widening over the Dominquez Channel. The project will also include improving pavement conditions, traffic circulation and vehicle capacity.

“Traffic congestion and flow continue to be a concern throughout California. As more cars get back on the road, we assess the services which will have a significant impact on roadway conditions today and for Californians in the future,” said Vice President, Director of Construction Management Anh Case. “The Sepulveda Boulevard Widening Project in the City of Carson will improve roadway congestion concerns throughout the region with a deliberate plan to increase roadway capacity,” she continued.

As a trusted advisor in national roadway improvement, EXP has established a track record of delivering safe, efficient and modern projects. EXP will work closely with the City of Carson and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District for the project, including on the portion over the Dominguez Channel, a 15.7 mile-long channel in Los Angeles County.

EXP’s US West team has improved roadways throughout California, including the Phelan Road Widening Project in San Bernardino County, Ranchero Widening Project in Hesperia and the Riverside County Transportation Commission SR60 Truck Climbing Lane Project in Beaumont.

To learn more about EXP’s construction management, inspection and transportation solutions in Southern California, contact Anh Case.

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