EXP awarded contract for I-395 Pedestrian Baywalk and Bikeway Bridge

July 28, 2021

EXP has been selected by the City of Miami to perform planning and engineering services for the I-395 Pedestrian Baywalk and Bikeway Bridge. EXP, alongside Inform Studio, Cummins Cederberg, Arquirectonica Geo (ArqGeo), Hazen and Sawyer, Janus Research, Langan and Pedelta, will complete the design for the missing section of the iconic Baywalk.

“This project offers an opportunity to create a stronger connection and destination for Miami’s waterfront and support a prospering and resilient city. It is also a long-awaited opportunity to improve mobility and provide a safer route for pedestrians and cyclists. EXP and our partners look forward to bringing this project to life, as part of our ongoing commitments to South Florida.” said EXP’s Vice President, Kyle Henry.

The project site is located underneath the I-395 MacArthy Causeway, between Maurice A. Ferré Park / Perez Art Museum and the former Herald Plaza and is scheduled to begin late summer.

To learn more about the project and EXP’s involvement, contact Kyle Henry.

Photo credit: Monica Grigorescu

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