ENR’s annual rankings highlight EXP’s mission critical expertise

August 27, 2020

​​​​EXP’s mission critical expertise was recently highlighted in “The Top 500 Design Firms” Sourcebook ​​​by Engineering News-Record (ENR), a leading industry news source for construction, architecture and en​gineering firms. EXP climbed in their annual rankings from number 11 to number six in t​elecommunications and landed the number two spot for data centers.​

EXP is invested in meeting the demands of the digital infrastructure environment with comprehensive and robust solutions, maintaining the position as an industry leader, delivering reliable and efficient critical facilities. EXP’s director of mission critical, Kevin Landry said, “We’re very proud of our in-house, multidisciplinary experts, who provide strategic planning, design, commissioning for facilities which hold astounding amounts of critical data and information for industries across North America. Our services support a streamlined process to sustain the reliable exchange of information needed for a digital and interconnected world. We are humbled by the rankings. It is the result of our dedicated mission critical team, who continue to establish long-term relationships with clients, consistent execution of services, and precision applied to each project, whether it be a data center, network facilities for 5G or other critical facilities. We look forward to supporting more clients in their efforts to advance their technology and data ecosystem.”

EXP’s unique position in the industry has led to the success of telecommunication and data center facilities for numerous clients such as Digital Realty, CoreSite, T-Mobile, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, University of Michigan, Wayne State University and other confidential telecommunication clients. EXP’s data center project manager, Adam Ahrens, shared, “Digital infrastructure is increasingly becoming more important to support operations in every industry. With over 100 dedicated mission critical team members, we’re able to design, build and deliver services for the lifecycle of this niche industry.”

In the mission critical market, failure is not an option. EXP is committed to supporting the most advanced, energy efficient, scalable and reliable mission critical facilities and systems for today’s needs and tomorrow.

Congratulations to our mission critical experts on their success and to all our team members for the hard work which led to major rankings this year.

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