Enhancing schools throughout Broward County

April 17, 2024

As the United States’ sixth largest school system, the Broward County Schools District Board diligently works to enhance its programs to offer students optimal environments for long term success, and cater to the needs of each district, student and the faculty that it serves. EXP is working with the School Board of Broward County to provide oversight and program management services for the design, procurement, permitting, construction administration, CEI and final documents closeout services for over 230 schools. The facilities will be updated to create safer, more secure and more comfortable environments for teaching and learning. Through this partnership, EXP works collaboratively with the district and its staff to achieve goals and objectives of delivering services safety, timely, within budget and of the highest quality.

“Our goal is to help school systems maximize the investments in their school buildings and create places where students can effectively learn, play and thrive. Our team is providing program management services for the design, procurement and construction phase services for school building system elements including building automation systems, lighting controls, HVAC systems, roofing, domestic water heating, general plumbing, low voltage alarms and fire protection systems,” said EXP’s Vice President Kyle Henry.

EXP also provides professional risk reduction and management services, design reviews for coordination, ease of installation, clarity of installation and start-up sequence, as well as optimized performance of integrated equipment and systems of integrated equipment and systems to reduce impacts on operations. The services require close attention to the coordination of all elements within the renovations to fully understand the interactions between complex systems and prevent installation or start-up problems.

Ranked #9 on BDC Networks List of Top K-12 School Engineering for 2023, EXP is proud to be a part of projects that enhance schools systems for students, teachers and their communities.

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