a strong foundation for a sustainable future

Doing the groundwork on any construction project means evaluating the earth and designing the most practical way to build on it. Our experienced geotechnical team begins with a thorough geotechnical investigation, using the latest in field testing and sophisticated laboratory technology to gather high-quality soil, rock and water samples to determine the site’s subsurface conditions relevant to the new construction.

The lab methodologies are carried out in one of our many labs across Canada, with the largest in the Greater Toronto Area and fully certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL). Our team has the expertise for any specialized testing needed during construction. Where the geotechnical aspects represent a large component of the structure, such as earth fill dams, slopes and marine structures, EXP’s geotechnical team can also provide detailed geotechnical design services. We’re the team you can trust to provide the foundation of project success.