In October 2019, the US Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHSMA) communicated three final rules to the Federal Register to further strengthen safe operations for pipelines throughout the US. The rules emphasize managing potential threats to people, places and environments by further building on the industry’s risk-based and integrity compliant requirements.

We were getting ready years in advance.

Our pipeline professionals have partnered with operators to understand the complexity of national and international codes, standards and regulations governing compliance – including the onset and impact of the new rules. With a comprehensive understanding of risk management and asset lifecycle integrity, our team delivers proven experience to help operators meet the multifaceted challenges of operating safely, changing regulatory requirements and stakeholder risk management.

With robust capabilities to tackle an aged infrastructure, new builds and system expansions – industry, risk management expert, vice president, strategic programs, Mary Campos has dedicated her career to leading conversations about the importance of establishing an asset lifecycle management approach to reduce risk, increasing safety and reliability. The application of lessons learned, internal and external, drives continuous improvements in advancing to the industry goal of zero incidents.

As trusted advisors in the pipeline industry, Mary and our Energy Services Group partner with operators and fellow industry experts to understand and prepare for what’s coming down the pipeline, with a focus on risk reduction to increase safety, reliability and integrity.