Throughout 2023, EXP collaborated with the Port of Seattle and King County to conduct a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Liquid Fuels Study. The study assessed the feasibility of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production from MSW to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and landfilled waste in the region. The study also explored the potential costs and advantages of building and operating a renewable fuel production facility that uses regionally available MSW, as well as feasible waste-to-fuel conversion technologies to achieve output levels and examine regional waste streams that can be transformed into liquid fuels, facility placement locations, socioeconomic effects for communities and other lasting impacts.

The completed study found that there is sufficient waste in the Washington and Northern Oregon areas to support one or more production facilities. While challenges exist, the Port of Seattle and King County are exploring SAF production from MSW and further evaluating how it can be an integral part of the region’s effort to reduce greenhouse gases for a clean energy future.

Read the summary and completed study and contact EXP’s Environmental Project Manager Joseph Gale to learn more.